Personal Information
All personal data is held by the Membership Secretary and will be treated confidentially and with sensitivity for the benefit of Kettering & District Art Society members in the following way: to aid communications between Committee Members and other members for general administration such as sending out newsletters; information pertaining to forthcoming meetings; trips; the annual Art Exhibition and other events.  The data is available to other Committee members, as appropriate, but will not be passed to other organisations. It is a condition of membership that you agree to your data being used for the above purposes.

If you suspect that these privacy policies have been violated, please contact us and we will do what we can to investigate.

Kettering & District Art Society is not responsible for any personal accident, or loss, damage or theft of members’ personal property whilst engaged in Kettering & District Art Society events, nor for any loss of or damage to any items by a member at the location(s) visited.  This is the member’s own responsibility.

Kettering & District Art Society is covered by an Insurance policy in respect of damage to property and/or injury to members of the public and to Kettering & District Art Society members volunteers, against any proven liability arising from the Third Party Bodily Injury or Property Damage or Accidental Negligence to goods in the Insured Persons’ care and/or control during the course of their activities carried out on behalf of Kettering & District Art Society. The insurance also includes member to member liability. Limit of indemnity £5,000,000 any one incident. The limit for cash in transit or at the meeting place is £1,000. Cheques to the value of £5,000 are covered. There is no cover in respect of cash at a Society’s meeting place except during the course of normal activity.

We believe the images on our website and Facebook page are either copyright-free, or owned by Kettering & District Art Society. If we receive any legitimate objections in respect of copyright, we undertake to acknowledge ownership or remove them.

Data Protection
The Society - means the Kettering & District Art Society

Member - means any Full, Honorary or Associate member

Data – means any information held relating to any member as detailed in the section Data below.

Data Controller – means the person within the Society responsible for the collection, use and sharing of the Data.

Senior Information Rights Owner (SIRO) – means the person who oversees the data policies

The Society holds personal details for each member as follows:-

Postal Address
Telephone contact number/s
Email address

This data is held in order to establish the membership lists, to allow communication with the members to inform the members of the benefits, services and events provided by the Society or in which the Society has an interest, to provide information to members on third party events that may be of interest and to facilitate the general administration of the Society.

Sharing of Data
The Society will not provide any data to any third party individual or organisation.

An individual Member’s data is not available and will not be shared with any other member of the Society except between members of the Society’s Committee where it is necessary in order for that committee member to carry out their duties in the Society.

In the event of a member wishing to contact another member, the Society will only pass on that information after receiving permission to do so.

Paper Records
The Society maintains paper records of the data in the form of the annual renewal forms and the new member application forms.

Membership is renewed each year and the paper records are destroyed within three months of the end of the calendar year to which they relate.

Computer Records

Data is held in three ways.

• The Membership List
• E mail address lists within the Society’s communication systems
• Various InDesign, Illustrator and Word documents used for statistical analysis and the administration of the Society.

Data in the Society’s E mail address lists is deleted within one month of the member resigning or leaving the Society.

Data held for administration and statistical purposes in InDesign, Illustrator and Word format is retained in full during the membership year to which it relates and in anonymised form thereafter. It is deleted completely when it no longer serves a useful purpose.

Right to Object

A Member has the right to object to the collection and use of their Data by the Society.

However, in the event of a Member or prospective Member exercising this right, the Society will be prevented from providing any of the benefits and services.

The Society reserves the right to remove any Member or refuse membership to any prospective member who exercises this right.
Data Controller

The Data Controller is the Membership Secretary of the Society.


The SIRO is the Chairman of the Society

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